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Karen Henshaw, AAHCC,CD(DONA)

A Local Affiliated Bradley* Instructor Offering 12 week class series focusing on:
Nutrition, Labor Preparation Exercises, and Relaxation Techniques.

DONA certified doula service.

The Bradley* Method of Natural Childbirth Education
The Bradley Method* is founded on the principle that with the proper education and preparation, many women neither need nor want medical interference while giving birth. Most, however, are under the impression that high technology is necessary for a good outcome. On the contrary, routine intervention is often done for the convenience of the doctor or hospital staff, not for the benefit of mother or baby. This interference is distracting and disruptive to the birth process, increasing rather than reducing the risk of obstetrical complications. Since the circumstances surrounding the birth of a baby profoundly influence the couple's relationship, parenting abilities and ultimately the family unit, the underlying philosophy of the Bradley Method* is respect for the integrity of the natural birth process.
Course Content
The course of the program involves approximately twelve weeks of instruction and discussion regarding relevant issues of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. These include prenatal exercises that condition and tone the body in preparation for birth; nutrition and its effect on the growing fetus; stages of labor and how to work with each to produce the most efficient labor; medical interventions and how to avoid them when they are not needed; cesarean sections and how to avoid an unnecessary one, along with options should one become necessary; breastfeeding and how to achieve a successful nursing relationship; and, finally, the newborn and some ways to deal with his or her needs.

In addition, because labor coaching is paramount to the Bradley Method*, time is spent in each class learning and practicing coaching techniques. A thoroughly prepared coach knows what to expect in labor and is, therefore, better able to facilitate the laboring woman's ability to birth normally. The presence of an effective labor coach not only reduces the need for medical interference, but it also increases the couple's satisfaction with their birth experience.

Breathing and relaxation techniques are also part of every class. While the Bradley Method's* are the least complicated to learn and do, they have proven to be the most effective. The slow, diaphragmatic breathing that is taught insures a sufficient supply of oxygen for the baby and enhances the mothers ability to maintain a calm and confident attitude.

The Bradley Method* is thorough and personal
Classes are limited in size so as to provide time for each couple's concerns and input. Instructors encourage an attitude of full participation rather than that of bystander. This type of preparation produces not only the safest births and healthiest babies, but also the most exciting and satisfying birth experiences. Just ask a Bradley* couple!

Who are we?
Your local Bradley Method* instructor is a professional, trained to help pregnant couples obtain the birth experience they desire. These teachers have gone through intensive training and are required to reaffiliate each year. This ensures the highest educational standards.

The information on this page was written by Jacquie Traub, AAHCC.

Good nutrition is essential
A healthy mom and a healthy baby is our goal.
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